Talking About Landscape Options For Commercial Spaces

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Talking About Landscape Options For Commercial Spaces

Hello, I'm Amy McClenson. I would like to discuss landscaping options available for commercial buildings. The way business owners design their landscape impacts the client's view of that location. Clients like to linger in places that make them feel relaxed and inspired. By including a lot of greenery, flowering plants and rock features, business owners can draw clients to their location with ease. I will share information about raised beds, edible gardens and rock wall ideas on this site. I hope you will come by often to pick up new ideas for your commercial landscape space. Thank you for coming to my website.

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How To Create A Picture Perfect Backyard

Aren't you glad that the cold winter months are finally behind you? If you're a person who loves outdoor entertaining and just spending time in your own backyard, you are probably already making plans to beautify it. Here are some ideas that might help you as you plan your landscaping.

Envision Your Purpose - Think about what you will be doing in your backyard. Will you be having people over for outdoor meals? Do you want to focus on gardening? Are there children and grandchildren that will be playing in your backyard? Do you want to plant a vegetable garden? When you plan your landscape design, think about dividing the backyard area into sections that focus on your different needs.

An Entertainment Area - Do you have enough space to have a patio added to your backyard area? If so, consider including an outdoor kitchen. Even if you don't have a lot of space, you can probably still make room for a grill and a small Mexican chimenea. When you choose your outdoor furniture, consider the mood you want to set. If you want a casual setting, rustic wood would be a great choice. For an elegant setting, select wrought iron. Outdoor wicker would be good for an old-fashioned backyard. Wood, wrought iron and wicker are all weather-resistant. For added interest, paint any of those materials a bright color. Yellow, brick red, turquoise or salmon are some good choices.

A Planting Area - Save money on your water bill and be kind to the environment by combining a hardscape with your greenery. Use pebbles and large decorative rocks with your ground cover and add plenty of pots of different sizes and designs. When you select your plants, combine mosses, succulents, cacti, and different ivies with flowering plants like geraniums, roses, daisies and bougainvilleas. A tiered water fountain or other statuary would be lovely as a focal point of your planting area.

A Play Area - Soft ground cover or grass that grows well in your area would be great for kid's games of tag. In addition, set up an area for games like croquet and horse shoes. Don't forget to include a small table and chairs so the children can have picnics in the play area. Another good idea is to have a weather-resistant storage unit where balls and other sports equipment can be kept.

If you are using the services of a professional landscape design company, present your ideas to the landscape designer. He or she will have the training and the experience to give you ideas that will enhance what you have designed yourself.