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Talking About Landscape Options For Commercial Spaces

Hello, I'm Amy McClenson. I would like to discuss landscaping options available for commercial buildings. The way business owners design their landscape impacts the client's view of that location. Clients like to linger in places that make them feel relaxed and inspired. By including a lot of greenery, flowering plants and rock features, business owners can draw clients to their location with ease. I will share information about raised beds, edible gardens and rock wall ideas on this site. I hope you will come by often to pick up new ideas for your commercial landscape space. Thank you for coming to my website.

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Tips To Prevent And Reduce Weed Growth In Your Yard's Landscaping

Weeds within the soil are a naturally occurring condition no matter where you are in the world. And unfortunately, when you plant and cultivate vegetation, the water you provide will only exacerbate the problem as it also provides moisture to the weeds. Because weeds in your vegetation steal nutrients and water from your cultivated plants and make the area ugly, it is important to do all you can to fight the weed growth all season long. Here are some methods you can use in your yard and landscaping to help control the growth and spread of weeds.

Use a Weed Barrier

Weeds grow easily within the soil even without adequate water, but weeds also need sunlight and oxygen to grow. By using this information you can smother out the weeds growing in the landscaped areas of your yard.

Install a layer of landscape fabric or weed barrier onto the soil, being sure to cut out holes where your vegetation grows so you don't harm it. Then, you can apply a layer of mulch or decorative rock on top of the weed barrier. The barrier also keeps moisture and oxygen from getting to the soil. 

However, be sure you overlap the edges of your landscape fabric to prevent some aggressive weeds from finding their way through the openings. And stake down the edges of the barrier so wind and animal activity does not lift the barrier from the soil.

Implement Chemical Controls

Another method you can use in your yard to keep down weeds is with chemical herbicides. There are a variety of herbicides that will kill only certain types of broad-leaf vegetation or all vegetation. Be sure you know what type of chemicals you are applying to the area, as you might harm nearby plants and flowers.

For example, if you are using a broad-spectrum or non-selective herbicide that kills all vegetation, use a pump sprayer to apply it directly onto weeds only. Don't apply it during windy weather as it can cause the spray to blow onto your vegetation and yourself. Then, wear the proper protective clothing with gloves to protect yourself from the chemicals.

If you are using a selective herbicide to treat weeds in your lawn, for example, you can apply it with a lawn spreader to the entire lawn and you won't have to worry about it harming your lawn. You can also hire a landscaping professional to treat your weeds specific to your yard and the region.

For more information, contact a local weed control service.